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Adjix FAQ

What is Adjix?
Adjix is both an ad network and a service that pays people to shorten Web links.

Adjix's newest feature, Adjix2Twitter Embed Ads, allows you to embed an ad directly into your tweet.  Demo  Details

Shrink a link
For example, you can turn this link:

into this link:

How does Adjix work?
People who shorten links, called linkers, can earn money when using Adjix. Adjix places an optional ad at the top of each page, when a link is shortened, without altering the original content. Advertisers can launch online ad campaigns on Adjix and be up and running in minutes.

How can Adjix afford to pay me to create a link?
Simple, when a linker shrinks a link we place a small ad at the top of the Web page. Linkers share in the ad revenues with Adjix while advertisers get well placed ads.

What's so special about Adjix ads?
The key advantage of Adjix ads is that they are displayed, at the top of each Web page, until a new URL is entered in your browser. In other words, if a person clicks on an Adjix link, and then spends several minutes clicking on other links on the destination Web site, the Adjix ad will be displayed at the top of the Web page the entire time - even when the user scrolls down the page.

Are ads random?
That's up to the linker and advertiser. When advertisers create ad campaigns, they choose an ad category for each ad. Linkers can assign an ad category when they shrink a link that best matches the Web page content.

How much can I earn shrinking links?
That depends on how many people click on your links or click through the ads. Linkers earn $0.10/1000 unique link views (which is a click on their link: 10 cents CPM per unique link impressions) and $0.20 for each valid, unique, click-through on an ad displayed with their link. Compare these earnings with most any other "link shrinker" - they don't payout a penny. With Adjix, when people forward news articles, online videos, or most anything else they can get paid.  Learn more

How much does it cost me to advertise on Adjix?
Advertisers can place ads for $0.35 per 1000 ad impressions (35 cents CPM for ad impressions) and $0.75 per valid click-through. Additionally, advertisers can review ad reports to detect click-fraud. Advertisers can create their ad campaigns for free and when they're ready to go live they can just ad funds into their account. At any time they can turn ad campaigns on and off to test what works best.   Learn more

Do I always have to view an ad?
Adjix ads are always optional. Adjix links without ads are simple redirects. For links with ads, we've added a way to remove the Adjix ad and reveal the linked content by simply clicking on the "Remove ad" link. We're one of the rare companies who allow their users to remove ads.

What if I don't want my web page wrapped?
Web technologies have improved significantly over the years. If you're a website owner who doesn't want your webpages wrapped then one solution is to simply drop a little bit of JavaScript on your site:
<body onload = "javascript: if (parent.frames.length > 0) parent.location.href = location.href;">

Is Adjix available outside the U.S.?
Not yet. Adjix is currently in beta testing and available only in the United States during the beta testing period. We fully intend to expand internationally as soon as possible.