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DNS Tips for Linkers - Use your own domain name with Adjix

Using the following DNS technique you can shorten a link with Adjix and publish it as
http://go.your-domain.com/rg33 or http://links.your-domain.com/rg33, etc. In other words, spread your own brand in your links created with Adjix.

You can replace the subdomain go or links with any valid hostname you've configured on your DNS servers to point to our servers. However, you cannot use a subdomain, such as www, that's already pointing to your website or another server.

We don't recommend adjusting your DNS servers unless you're familiar and experienced with how DNS works. DNS changes can take anywhere from an hour to a day to propagate throughout the Internet. If you make a mistake, it could affect your Web site and e-mail delivery.

If you have access to your DNS servers through your domain name registrar, or directly through your own DNS servers, then you can configure your DNS server so that the shortened URLs (links) you create with Adjix can contain any domain name that you own. For example, the following six URLs point to the same Web page:
Note that smspal.com, ps-enable.com, joemoreno.com, and ad.vu are a completely different domains than adjix.com. Even though the domain names are different, Adjix still tracks link click data.

If you don't have DNS access then you can still "fake it" (see details, below).

Configuring Your DNS Server
Simply set up a CNAME (also known as an alias) on your DNS server to point to partner.adjix.com. That's all there is to it. You don't need to do anything else when shrinking links. Even links shortened before the DNS configuration change will work once the CNAME has been added to your DNS server.

In the links.smspal.com example, above, we simply set up the "links" host, as a CNAME, on the smspal.com DNS server to point to partner.adjix.com:
links    IN    CNAME    partner.adjix.com.

Go Daddy example: Entering the CNAME to point your domain at partner.adjix.com.

 Go Daddy example: CNAME listing once the data has been updated.

Warning: Making a mistake entering this data could adversely affect your web and e-mail service. It could take up to 24 hours for this information to propagate through the Internet.

Updating Your Linker Account
Once you've configured your DNS server, you may also add your Domain Name Host to your Linker profile (i.e. go.your-domain.com or links.your-domain.com, etc). When you shrink a link with Adjix, once the Domain Name Host has been added to your Linker profile, Adjix will shorten links using your own domain name and also return a "personal URL" highlighted in the following screenshot.

Faking It
If you're not familiar with DNS server configuration then you can simply add anything you want before the adjix.com URL. Additionally, you can replace adjix.com with ad.vu when every character counts (i.e. Twitter or SMS). For example, all four of the following URLs deliver the same, exact, content: