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Adjix Linker Info

Get paid to shrink a link.SM

Linkers are people who create links to Web pages using either the Adjix Web site or through the Adjix Open API.

For example, you can use Adjix to turn this link:

into this link:

When linkers log in and create links they can get paid when people click on their links. We do this by allowing linkers to share in our ad revenue. Also, linkers can track who has clicked on their links.

Two Ad Formats

Linkers can generate revenue by running ads, if they choose. There are two ad formats: Link Shrink Ads and Adjix2Twitter Embed Ads.

Link Shrink Ads pay a small amount for each click (see Link Shrink Ad Rates, below). In order for a Link Shrink Ad "hit" to be counted it must be displayed for at least 10 seconds. Adjix links that do not have Link Shrink Ads (simple redirects) are recorded immediately. You can log into your Linker account to see your link's stats.

Adjix2Twitter Embed Ads are our newest format which payout based on the number of followers you have on Twitter. These ads are embedded into Twitter "tweets". You can see exactly how much your payout will be when you tweet using the Adjix2Twitter bookmarklet. To get your personal bookmarklet, just log into your Adjix Linker account, click on Bookmarklets and then drag the Adjix2Twitter bookmarklets to your web browser's toolbar.

Link Shrink Ad Rates

Linkers earn $0.10/1000 unique link views (10 cents CPM per unique link impressions) and $0.20 for each valid, unique, click-through. In other words, Linkers receive $0.0001/link impression and $0.20/ad click-through.

Link Reports

Linkers can see exactly when and who is clicking on their links.

(click to enlarge)

At the end of the month, any Linkers with an account balance greater than $25 are mailed a check approximately 45 days later. This 45 day period gives advertisers an opportunity to review their ad campaigns for click-fraud.

Adjix is currently in beta testing and available only in the United States.

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