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Adjix is a revenue-sharing ad network.

Adjix shares the revenue generated from advertisers with our users (also called "linkers.") As a result, Adjix has really taken off as a way for Twitter users, bloggers, and others to get paid for their time spent sending tweets, emails, and blogging. Ads are text only, similar to search engine or mobile advertising.

Adjix offers advertisers two different types of ad campaigns. Our Embed Ad Campaign allows text ads to run inside Twitter tweets. The Link Shrink ad campaign allows text ads to be attached to the top of the page of shortened (shrunk) links.

International advertisers are welcome to run ads on the Adjix network.

For more information, please contact Kerry Kerr at 760.444.0977 or at kerrykerr+website@adjix.com.

Embed Ad Campaigns

1. Advertisers can target all Twitter users who use Adjix, or only certain users, to run their ads. For example, an advertiser might only target Twitter users in certain cities or Twitter users who tweet about specific interests. This "micro-targeting" is really exciting -- for instance, you could target all Twitter users in San Diego who have 100+ followers and talk about music since this info is publicly available. Adjix2Twitter embed ads are a great opportunity for local and national companies to promote their brands, causes, etc. -- we recommend that your ad contain some type of offer or call to action to generate the best results. Click here to see a sample embed ad.

2. Advertisers have the option of setting an embargo frequency, meaning that once a Twitter user embeds a specific ad, they can't re-run that same ad until the embargo time period has passed. The ad will still be available to other Twitter users.

3. Advertisers can create Adjix Embed ad campaigns by logging into their Adjix Advertiser Account and adding funds via credit or debit card. Advertisers set the price they are willing to pay for a Twitter user to tweet their ad. The price they set is multiplied by the number of followers of the Twitter user tweeting their ad. For example, an advertiser who sets a price of $0.001/Twitter-follower ($1 CPM) would pay $5 each time a Twitter user, with 5,000 followers, tweeted their ad.

4. Advertisers get to see the contents of each tweet when their ad is embedded.

5. To set up a test campaign, please contact Kerry Kerr at kerrykerr+website@adjix.com.

Link Shrink Ad Campaigns

1. Users shrink links on Adjix and then choose if they want an ad to appear at the top of the web page they forward.
Sample "link shrink" ad:

2. Each ad that scrolls in, at the top of the window, is an ad impression. Ads scroll in for up to 15 minutes, so you don't have to worry about being charged for ad impressions if someone leaves their web browser window open and walks away from their computer.

3. Funds added to your Adjix advertiser account are debited each time an ad is displayed. Ads can be targeted to specific categories, such as sports, food, music, and more, if desired.

Advertisers can place ads for $0.35 per 1000 ad impressions (35 cents CPM for ad impression) and $0.75 per valid click-through. In other words, advertisers pay $0.00035/ad impression and $0.75/ad click-through. Additionally, advertisers can review detailed ad reports to detect click fraud.

Ad Reports

Advertisers can see exactly when and who is viewing and clicking on their ads.

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